At Brown Barn Films, we are your local video production crew. We create marketing materials to make your business stand out in a media-driven market. We specialize in video production, videography, and brand marketing. No matter what your project is, we always strive to provide our clients with the best possible product.

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Our philosophy is to pay it forward and to create ethical media. Whether it’s our production process or the message behind each of our finished projects, our commitment to the community and the planet are a priority. Paying it forward is a large part of our philosophy as this production company is the product of others paying it forward before us. Whether it’s our local scholarships for high schoolers or the work we do for non-profits, we want to create positive change within our community and on a global scale.



We believe that our team defines our work. Our passion for the craft shines through in our projects. With every project, we strive to push boundaries and improve our creative process in the hope of making it more seamless for each of our clients to share their company’s vision.


Before we begin any project, we want to make sure that we have a clear understanding of our end goal. We provide pre-production for each video and create scripts, storyboards, or pitch decks to illustrate our shared vision.

In production, we are professional, on time and on schedule. We use state of the art equipment including our 4k Blackmagic Camera, DJI Inspire Drone and much much more.

In post-production, we aim to hit our deadlines and deliver early if possible. We use state of the art editing software and computers. For most projects, we complete a 10-day turnover.

From start to finish, our goal is to make the process pain-free and easy for our clients. We want to build our relationships and continue to produce the highest quality content available in the market.